Do you want to work in a salon or run your own hairdressing business? Opportunities in this sector range from working at high street salons to high-end personal hairdressers and working in the entertainment or modelling world. Many of our former students have also established their own businesses, working on their own or in a salon.

High levels of knowledge, technical ability and creativity are needed to pursue a career in this industry. The profession offers qualified hairdressers the opportunity to be self-employed and run their own businesses. Our courses will help you develop the customer service and business awareness skills, as well as practical knowledge, to do this.

Training takes place in our specialist salon environment. Once students have a suitable level of ability, they get to work with paying clients providing a wide range of cuts and styles.

Many of our students are national and regional award winners, testimony to the quality of teaching and training facilities we provide.

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Course Suitable for Categories
Certificate in an Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector (QCF): Level 1 (16-18) 16-18 (Full-time) F.E. Courses
Diploma in an Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector (QCF): Level 1 (19+) Adults F.E. Courses
Diploma in Women's Hairdressing (QCF): Level 2 16-18 (Full-time), Adults VTCT
Diploma in Women's Hairdressing (QCF): Level 3 16-18 (Full-time), Adults VTCT