Supported Internships

This year the College of North West London have two exciting supported internship programmes for young people looking for employment. One based at Charing Cross Hospital; the other at Brent Civic Centre, in Wembley.

What is a Supported Internship?

CNWL is delivering Supported Internships in partnership with West London Alliance under the DFN Project Search model. Supported Internships are designed to develop transferable skill, knowledge and attitudes in readiness for paid employment. The programme is based entirely within a host business, 5 days a week, throughout a college year. Students therefore get real-life experience dealing with colleagues and customers in the work place.

Who are Supported Internships for?

A Supported Internship is aimed at individuals with a recognized Learning Difficulty and/or Autism. It is open to individuals aged 16-24 years who hold an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). 

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Charing Cross Internships - 
Jasmine Jade
Brent Civic Centre Internships - Cathy McCann

For all other queries, contact the curriculum manager Maureen McHugh



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